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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

nothing special.

Awe ordered from me, again.
this time she ordered for nothing special. she feels that she indeed of my cupcakes.

enjoyy :)

oh. she only asked for one thing
Awe : Mira, Awe nak extra icing taw.
Mira : ye laaa.


Syaa said...

sgt cnteqq and it looks delicious.
niceee =)

PinQib said...

Mira,. i memng nak oreder..
tp i dun know how..
if its too complicated.,
memg x terorder la kot..
tp memg i, klu tgk blog ni, mesti gilah terlioqq

Amira Zafirah said...

; laaa. tak reti order. aiyooo.
jst drop me an email, then i tell you how okay :)