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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

order order order

Assalammualaikum :)

first of all thank you so much for viewing my cupcakes blog.

since I'll be on holiday for around 2months, I decided to make my day busy as it can get by accepting cupcakes order.
I'M STILL AN AMATEUR especially on decorating the cupcakes. Therefore, I really wanted to clear myself here

; cupcakes that I made may not be as cute/beautiful/neat etc. as the other cupcakes maker.
; I dont do any artsy fartsy decoration, I'm still wondering how they did all those flowers decoration
; no high expectation especially on the decorations
; but I can guarantee that it will taste good (:

anyway, here are some that I had made.

if you guys are interested
Types of cupcakes
; vanilla
; chocolate
; orange

currently I only have chocolates but will try to varies it.

; spiral *oh. I'm gooood with this. haha
; writing
; any abstract that I can think of

to make it more interesting, I used
; MnM's / Smarties / Kissables etc. *you can request if you want
; chocolate chips
; all of these
I used only buttercream icing. I dont use royal icing, fondant or gum paste.
basically, my cupcakes can be eaten all of it, excepts for the cups lah. hehe
oh. chocolate ganache will be up soon. I'm currently mastering the skills.

; 2 oz cups
; mine size request is acceptable if order exceed 50 pieces
mini size cupcakes with chocolate chips

  • minimum order of cupcakes for 2 oz are 25pieces are RM45
  • minimum order of mini size cupcakes are 50 are RM35

cupcakes with filling will be charge RM 0.50 each.


; individual box
- plastic with reben is RM1 each
- simple plastic is RM 0.70

; box for 25pieces
- nice box RM3.00
- a see-through plastic box RM2.00
- normal box or cardboard is FREE OF CHARGE

any questions / enquiries / ORDERS
email me at


Dann Chafid said...

wah me likeyyy!
cupcakes ijam pun ada! omg! hehehe ;D

izza the PINKERTON said...

yayyyyyyyyy MY CUPCAKES ARE THERE!! :D

nanti i promote kt my bloggy

good luck hunayyhhh!

Amira Zafirah said...

thanx friends

mel. said...

wah business mira mule berkembang.
good luck babe!
nanti i nk order for special occasion ke.

Amira Zafirah said...

heeee. okiess. booking awal awal. haha ;p

nkarim said...

congrats Mira, on your new biz venture!!!! All the best.
I nak tgu your choc ganache.

Amira Zafirah said...

heeee. jgn la tunggu. you're making me nervous ;p

izza the PINKERTON said...


Munirah Abd said...

wahhhhhhhhhh congrats..

nnti ada apa-apa event i order kat u ok..hehehhe

eh dear..
u didnt mention about the camno??
n ongkos kalau delivery pulok guane??

Amira Zafirah said...

; insyaallah (:

; ooh thank youuu.
delivery mmg sje i tak mention sini, once you order then we talk bout it one to one.

joegrimjow said...

nanti balik ku beli yek

ciare (^_^)v said...

owh skrg dah rasa merajuk beli cupcakes yg LAWA tp rasanya mcam T____T owh nak nanges 5 menet =P

ehh mcm sweet cara u ckp ur cupcakes x selawo cupcakes org len buat la ape..very honest gitu..hiks. tp kalo kak ceera kata sodap komfem sodap jgk...

erm plg jauh wat delivery kat mn ey?? :)

Amira Zafirah said...

; ahha. oriteee (:

; heeee. jgn nanges, burok rupe. haha. kidding

heee, i'm being honest. tkot la kan nnt orng demand mcm2, so btter clear things out. haha. pecaya kata kak ceera la ni. bagus bagus. waaah. gituuu. haha

huwm. i prefer area KL/Selangor lah.
if mcm like, seremban, banting mcm tu kan. i kne tnye my parents. hiks.
kantoii ;p

ciare (^_^)v said...

erm mcm nak beli lah utk ari kamis pg dah nak balek kg. since my wedding weekends ni. is it too late? please email me at kalo bleh order lagik.kalo smpat nak ari rabu ptg@kamis pg bleh?kalo xsmpat xpe lah.hiks.sbb komfem last menet.anyway bkn tuk wedding pon just nk bg mkn2 kat sedara2 jer =)

ღ シTeRU²bOzU キュートな少女 シღ said...

saye nk order leh?