dear potential buyer,

click on your right sidebar for
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delivery and payments method will be inform thru emails.
since my new semester has started, please inform the actual date for the delivery / pick-up BEFORE proceed with the order details.

this is to ensure that I am totally free on that particular date.

Thank You :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


hello everyone :)

received a very late order from my collegemate.
people, please DO order at least 1 week in advance, not two days before the actual date.
get it?

anyway, its an orange flavoured cupcakes.
first rosette ever, thanx kak Ana from BakeFreshly
oh, thats the see-thru box.

its not impressive but I feel good bout it.
and it taste awesome, kan mak?


p/s : thanx Awe for the order.

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