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Thursday, June 18, 2009

oh sayang ;p

ordered from kak Faiezah. huwm. for her sayang la kott. hiks.

she wanted Smarties as the decos. well, I prefer MnM's than Smarties tho. MnM's colors are more brighter and colorful, great decos for the cupcakes.

well, kak Faiezah, hope you like it. its nothing much kan, I know.

peoples, I'm still amatuer. mark that :D


eyqa myqa said...

miera, not bad oke for amatuer.
nmpk chantek jugak doh. as long, cup cakes yang buat aku tak nak makan tapi nak tengok je.

Syaa said...

daymnnnn.. u improve byk ssgt.. haha... tp mlg i tk de naseb nak rase yg cmnih cnteq pny taaww.. u come annoying land and bake laahh cik amateur..!! btw.. very niiceee... seriously serious

nizam baharin said...

haih lapar..:(

faiezah said...

Salam.. hi dik.. thanks a lot.. cantik dan sedap laa kek ni.. ;) lain kali bleh laa akak order lg..

k.leen said...

cantik lar tu.... tp yg penting SEDAP kan...?

Amira Zafirah said...

; thanks eyqa

; ye ye. nnt siap kn brng sume di annoying land ye. haha

; pegi la makan

; heee, thanks so much kak.

kak leen
; sedab tu mmg tak dpt dinafikan lg. haha