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delivery and payments method will be inform thru emails.
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Thank You :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


ordered by Mar
and this is for Suraya

haih. since puasa, my creativity seems to fade away.
I am so so so not satisfied with all the design.
I feel that I'm dissapointing my customer.
I'm wasting their money.

why is this happening to me?

I have to do something.

customers, I'm sorry. I tryy my hardest to improve my skill.


Syaa said...

dnt worry
still look nice =p

kleen said...

cantik lar....

Mar Zamani said...

LOL. cute apaa, amira. :) janji sedap! hihi. thanks so much. :D

Amira Zafirah said...

; its not nice

kak leen
; tak cantik taawww

mar zamani
; OMG. you think its cute? haishooo. i thought you gonna hate it taw.