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Monday, June 29, 2009

2 in 1

orders from kak Iza.

she wanted a 50pcs cuppies for her lovely daughter, all in one box.
but, ntah mcm mne, bule tersalah beli box. so mmg rezeki besar akak lah dpt extra cuppies. just for the sake of filling up the box.
takpe kak, telebih sikit je. take that as a present for you daughter. comel sangat anak akak okay. geram !

she wanted a cheeky, colorful decos, with MnM's.
after long and hard thinking, this is how it looks like.

and here's another 25pcs cuppies, a very last minute order.
she wanter a funky decos.
well, it really got me thinking, what funky actually is?
look at that ribbon. hahahah

so, kak Iza, I really hope you like it (:

p/s : peoples, my new semester starts in 2 week. orders will be limited yea after this.


Syaa said...

seriouss gilee lawa :DD you aree improve thru every single order..mkin kempunan laa i enn..

menyentaapp ttbe ahahahha

ML Amnesia said...

I adore this and I agree with Syasya's statement.

Dann Chafid said...

your decos are getting better.
they're niceeeee.

july free tak for cuppies?

Amira Zafirah said...

thanks a lot friends. gheeeee ;)

july, think i'm free on the weekend kott.

eyqa myqa said...

chantekk kott. aku suke ! good job babe !

Amira Zafirah said...

thanks eyqa :)